ROMYZIAN Four seasons

The Forest of Healing and Reflection, ROMYZIAN GARDEN

Spring, Garden of Sunshine

"Well then, let's get out and get some spring sun!"
I reach out and hold Romy's hand. Azaleas, rhododendrons, cornelian cherries, mountain magnoliasare jutting out
their petals in the light green oak tree forest. This season you can gaze at the carefully grown white wild roses my mother liked.
Butterflies that flutter around the bellflowers are similar to those I saw at this time last year.

Summer, Garden of Love

There exists no silent day in summer. Everywhere you turn your eyes, the deep green colors appear to drip down
as if they were painted. Wildflowers abundantly bloom and colorful flowers decorate the summer mountains, but we become enchanted
by the charming peonies in the peony field planted in the spring. Not long after the rainy season begins,
the trees and flowers in the garden quietly holding their breaths in the course storm, but the frogs in the pond get excited looking for mates.

Fall, Garden of Abundance

A glow began to settle over the layers of crimson mountains. Autumn in which simply shaped wild and
Siberian chrysanthemums bloom leisurely is the most peaceful time in the garden. However, when the fallcomes,
squirrels and chipmunksare the busiest animals. Acorn shells roll about over the trails which are dyed beautiful autumn colors.

Winter, Garden of You and Me

Through the seasons, the forest which changed into colorful clothesputs on a thick, white outfit and quietly sinks into solitude.
However, if you stand in the snow, admiring the figure of the birch trees that match the garden's winter
From then on, the most beautiful fairy tale of your life and mine unfolds.