The Forest of Healing and Reflection, ROMYZIAN GARDEN

The Beginning of ROMYZIAN

On one summer day in 2011, Romy and Zian, who traveled to Gangwon-do,
became fascinated by the nature and the unique beauty of Jeongseon
Zian, who was particularly concerned about Romy's health,
decided to cultivate a garden.

Zian, who came out to the dewy mountain trail and cultivated
a hand-made garden every day at dawn, thought deeply, “What if we
make a place for enlightenment and warm comfort?”

It was exactly that mindset of wishing to contribute to the society beyond the couple’s
own love which led them to create , the forest of healing and reflection.


Due to its magnificent scenery like Shangri-La(Mureongdowon), Jeongseon was once called 'Dowon'.
If you follow the path which is first hit by the early morning sun, you will come to the a dreamy garden of 100,000 PY (330000㎡) in the magnificent scenery of Gariwangsan Peak.
There are 23 themed places in ROMYZIAN, includingthefour and half hour and .
In addition, 3D hologram images and Begonia Smart farm can be experienced.

However, rather than being an arboretum focused on spectacular t hings,
we put efforts into becoming a garden that simply tells stories that are unique,
romantic and full of the character of the region.

Finding the Real Me

Those days empty from having no place for your heart to lean on.
Living in the city with comfort and convenience.
However,the days when life felt more difficult,
Why not travel with a light heart back to that daily life?

Put one book in a light bag and go to ROMYZIAN GARDEN or caféARAMIS.
You can enjoy reading and commune with nature in the shade of
a secluded forest. Or sit on a hill overlooking the beautiful scenery of
Jeongseon and sketch, or meditate while listening to the sounds of nature
at Geumgang Pine Forest Park

In ROMYZIAN, everybody can gain strength by throwing away who they were
yesterday and finding their true selves.We hope you will come across one
tip along the pathway of your life journey’s map, find a new self, and discover
a new hope and passion for life.